Ideas, ideas, ideas!

We're happy when we share some!

We work together, we live together. One is more creative, the other more analytic. The balance is just fine. Fun and efficiency.
Ideas, we have so many of them that we’re happy when we share some! When le Bureau du Qebec invited us at Studio North in novembre we had just begun to draw some sketches. That was an adventure to cook up 5 prototypes in two months time including the Christmas Holidays!
In the end, not all the ideas we had in head could materialize (anyway our stand would have been too small!) such as the bird hooks, the smack lamp, the camouflage outdoor shower, the On the wall stool and so many others.
Our first collection was launched at Milan and New York design shows in 2006, with an enthusiastic response from fellow designers and press coverage from around the world: Interior Design, Citylife, I.D., Casa, etc.
We have now decided to focus on design and find partners to produce and market what we create. We would like to find manufacturers/editors or designers that could need us to find new ideas or develop new products. We love to experiment with new materials and have fun finding something unusual out of it.
As our work has an artistic side, we’d also like to collaborate with galleries to create installations and objects.

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